Host family

We are the 3rd generation of family Bäck who is running this family hotel since ages. We are confident to provide warm service and mayo feel holpitality!

 Family Bäck


Whom is called Traudi is our spiritual pillar, she shares her experience-and knowledge with us and fully support to her daughters!


In charge of organizing office work e.g. checking-in and booking


Responsible for breakfast and room service. Also, social media management.

Simon, Felix & Moritz

The next generation of Bäck family who are little helpers for this hotel, they are happy to have kids guests here and share the joyful stay with them.

Agent & Luna

Traudi ‘s male collie is Agent and lisa’s female bergamasker dog luna are our house dogs. Luna is more at home but Agent is our mascot and you can find him more often around.

Our small but good team

We have small team but very efficient workers who are the best fits to our family hotel. We are appreciate their good work and with their helps our hotel runs better.


Who joined us in charge of cleaning.


Who joined us, together with Angelika she is in charge of cleaning the rooms and hotel.


Who joined us since march 2020.