Information for your stay

  • Checking-in from 14:00 to 19:00 pm, if you have to check in out of this time, please give us a short notice ahead. Calling +49 8851-333
  •  Check-Out is from 7:30 to 12:00, late check out is also available after confirmation with the desk.
  • Since there is no elevator we are sorry to say we can not provide service for disabled people.
  • Payment cash, credit card (visa or MasterCard) and deposit card (only German card)
  • Booking cancel, pre- notice before 7days of  your arrival is without any charges. Change of your booking is always available, but the room price may change during the seasons.
    Hints: make a traveling insurance before your trip!
  • Children are very welcome, if the kid sleeps in the same bed with parents is for free, for extra kid bed is small charge. Besides the reception there is playing room for kids.
  • Free parking space is around the hotel
  • Dogs are welcome to our hotel, but need to be noticed when you are booking, as we have special rooms for dogs. Per day cost for your dog is 6€ without dog food.
  • Smoking: Open space e.g. Outside or on the balcony is allowed smoking. Inside of hotel, smoking is forbidden.
  • Tourist tax: the tourist tax in Kochel  is as follow:For children from 7 to 17 years and people with with disabled percetage over 60%November 1st to April 30 : 1,00€ May 1st to October 30 : 1,20€ 

    For adults
    November 1st to April 30 : 1,30€ 

    May 1st to October 30 : 1,50€ 

    For children under 7 and disabled people over 100% is no tourist tax to pay

  • Tea station: There is a tea station on each floor, where you can grab tea bags free of charge. The water boiler is in the room.
  • Restaurant: In walking distance there are several restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops
  • Bicycles: There is a bicycles garage to store the self brought bicycles free of charge 

If you have any further question don’t hesitate to contact us!