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Over 100 years hospitality

Old time in Germany it was the law that the hotel must be close to the train station.

In 1896, Josef Stöger, the first of three competitors, submitted his application for the construction of a railway station restoration in the municipality of Kochel

1897  he got the approval

1898 start of the 4 years construction

1902 completion and opening of the hotel

From 1902 to 1964 family Stöger owned this hotel

1964 Günther and Anneliese Bichlmeyer with their 3 daughters bought the hotel, they renamed this hotel to Gasthof Waltraud.

The name of WALTRAUD is the name of their youngest daughter whom is well-knows as Traudi now.

1965 the so-called “fire devil” in Kochel tried to set fieren the hotel, thanks to one of the guest whom noticed the smell and alerted the owner, hotel Waltraud was saved, only 5 days after the incident, another hotel was burned down completely by the fire devil.

Waltraud Bäck led the house after the takeover of her father in 2002 until 2016

In 2016, she handed the hotel over to daughters Maria and Lisa Bäck, who are now continuing their 3rd generation as Hotel Garni